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Systems and Infrastructure

Director of Infrastructure and Systems - Brad Barker


Offering an Ideal Server Environment for the University

Technology Services (TS) operates a co-location server facility located in the McKee/Fisk data center. We feel that our baseline configuration should be able to assist your current and future server housing needs. Below are the baseline and optional configurations. Optional configurations are based on need and will have additional costs associated with them.


  • 24 x 7 Access
  • Emergency power
  • UPS power
  • Redundant HVAC
  • Fire Suppression
  • Physical security of the space
  • CCTV Monitoring

Baseline configuration:

  • Full ($2,000.00) or 1/2 rack ($1,200.00)* (one time charge).
  • Separately keyed front and rear doors to each section of the rack
  • 4 x gigabit Ethernet connections and 2x 10/100 Ethernet connections per 1/2 rack
  • 20 x 110v outlets per 1/2 rack  and 1 kva per 1/2 rack
  • 20 amp outlets to each rack

Optional configuration (based on need, with additional cost and work):

  • Additional gigabit Ethernet connections
  • Additional 10/100 Ethernet connections
  • 208v power
  • Additional 20 amp outlet
  • KVM switch

We invite you to inquire more about the co-location services we are offering to on-campus users and to tour the facility. If you would like to schedule a tour of the facility please contact Rafael Villegas at 8-3923 and we will be happy to accommodate all on-campus inquiries and requests for tours.

Additional Information:

* As approved off of current charge back model 
* Please note that the 4+2 ports (per 1/2 rack) are an entitlement and will be provisioned as requested. 

Digital Infrastucture

Digital Infrastructure (DI) is an end user focused central communication system responsible for improving a user’s experiences. By creating ‘easy-to-consume’ services, DI is able to properly maintain devices in an up-to-date & ready-to-use state unique to a user’s needs.  In this ever-changing digital world, our central communication service offers unlimited flexibility with near instant delivery, enabling quick and efficient compliance to most any digital need.


DI is a mediator between a consumable digital service and the end user, enabling a transparent offerings with generally zero input by the end user.  This allows DI to provide a wide range of offerings from ensuring a device is in security compliance to the background delivery of an employee required software.


We work closely with IT Liaisons, DSG Group, Systems, and any Fresno State customer looking to improve the end user experience. 

Database Technology & Application Security

The Database Technology & Application Security provides database management, change management and security services in support of the administrative information systems used at Fresno State.

Specific functions include:

  • Provide application technical support and systems change control
  • Perform upgrades, updates, and migrations of local and vendor delivered products
  • Review and schedule technical environment upgrades and updates
  • Perform campus database administration functions, including database backup, recovery, patches and upgrades
  • Design and maintain application security and workflow
  • Maintain a focus on technical infrastructure

Systems, Storage and Infrastructure Applications

Systems, Storage and Infrastructure Applications is responsible for the server environment supporting central campus services including calendaring, email, web-servers, network infrastructure services, and the campus portal. This environment includes the hardware, operating systems and storage systems associated with these servers.

In addition to supporting the server environment, the Systems staff is directly responsible for supporting the services provided to the campus for calendaring, email, and web-servers. They are also tasked with supporting aspects of the network infrastructure services including DNS and DHCP.

This group also provides support for departmental servers used by a variety of academic and administrative units on campus.