Faculty Affairs Forms

Forms used for Faculty Affairs processes sorted by Function.

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Additional Employment - On or Off Campus

Evaluation - Teaching Effectiveness

Student Ratings - IDEA  Link to page

Peer Evaluation - Link to Page with Department Forms

Evaluation - Retention, Tenure & Promotion

Evaluation - Temporary Faculty (Lecturers)

Lecturer 3 year - WORD

Lecturer Range Elevation (no form) Policy 332

Calculate Range Elevation Eligibility for 2017-18; 2018-19; 2019-20  Excel

Teaching Effectiveness - See Evaluation Teaching Effectiveness

Leaves - Sabbatical / DIP

Link to page with forms listed below

  • Sabbatical DIP Application
  • Promisory Note
  • Department Review

Leaves without Pay and Medical

Link to page with form listed below

Recruiting - Tenure Track Faculty

Sample Vacancy - Link

Link to forms listed below

  • Candidate Evaluation Rubric
  • On-Campus Visit Form
  • Reference Check Form
  • Recruitment Summary
  • Department Nomination Form
  • Dean Nomination Form

Recruiting - Temporary Faculty

Recruiting - U11/Academic Student Employees

Unit 11 Duties Form for TA, GA, and ISAs                        PDF         Word


RTP - Full Review

Link to page with forms listed below

  • Access Log
  • Checklist
  • Table of Contents
  • Application
  • Inventory


Link to page with forms listed below

  • Off Year Review Guidelines
  • College Forms and Policies

Separation / Retirement

 Sample Retirement Letter Word

Sample Retirement and FERP Letter Word

Sample Rescinding Retirement Letter Word

Department Form - Separation Notice Instructions and Form  (link to page)


16th Unit Form  Excel

Additional Pay Request Form  Excel

Lecturer Range Elevation Program - Calculate eligibility  Excel

Market Based Increase  PDF

Music Studio

Substitute - Link to page



Teaching Associates / Graduate Assistants / Instructional Student Assistants

Lots to put here


Not to be used for overload or for current employees.  Link to page with information and forms.


*Still under update*

Function Name For use by File Revision Page Link
Leave Sabbatical & DIP Request*  Faculty PDF 11/2001 leaves/professional
Leave *Promissory Note Faculty PDF PVPAA/F89 leaves/professional
Leave Sabbatical & DIP Review Departments  PDF *ND leaves/professional
Leave Request Without Pay-Professional Faculty PDF 07/2000 leaves/professional
Leave Request - Personal Faculty PDF 05/2017  
Leave Medical Leave of Absence Faculty, Staff, Administrators ------   HR/Benefits/LOA
Pay/Salary Request Additional Pay - Overage- State Funding Department/Deans Excel  10/2017  Salary Programs
Pay/Salary  Full-Time Temporary Faculty Additional Unit to meet Entitlement (16th Unit)  Department Excel 12/2015  Salary Programs
Pay/Salary Range Elevation Calculator Temporary Faculty Excel   Salary Programs
Pay/Salary Market Based Faculty PDF    
Recruiting Tenure Track: Sample Vacancy Announcement   Search Committee Word    Faculty Affairs
Recruiting Background Check Questionnaire  eRecruit attachment PDF    
Recruiting Tenure-Track: On-Campus Visit Form  Search Committee PDF  Word    
Recruiting Tenure-Track: Reference Check Form  Search Committee PDF    
Recruiting Tenure-Track: Department Nomination Form  Search Committee PDF    
Recruiting Tenure-Track: Dean Nomination Form   Deans PDF    
Recruiting Temporary Faculty-Lecturers: Sample Vacancy Announcement   coming soon    
Recruiting Teaching Associates: Sample Vacancy Announcement   coming soon    
Recruiting Graduate Assistants and Instructional Student Assistants Application   revise to come    
Recruiting Unit 11 Duties Form (use for TAs, GAs and ISAs)   PDF  Word    
RTP-Full Cover Page / Title Page for binder  Candidate Word    
RTP-Full Access Log  Candidate PDF  Word    
RTP-Full WPAF File Checklist  Candidate PDF  Word    
RTP-Full Table of Contents  Candidate PDF  Word    
RTP-Full RTP Application  Candidate PDF    
RTP-Full Inventory Form  Candidate Word    
RTP-Full Retention Recommendation Form  Department PDF    
RTP-Full Tenure and Promotion Recommendation Form  Department PDF    
RTP-Full Promotion Only Recommendation Form  Department PDF    
RTP-Off Year Periodic Review Form Department PDF  Word    
RTP-Off Year Off-Year Forms by College Candidate --->   facultyrtp/oyr