Admission Deferral Guideline Due to COVID19

These guidelines outline the deferral process for fall 2020 students applicants who, due to COVID-19, are opting to defer their admission to Fresno State until spring 2021.


  • Online Liberal Arts(Students in this major must contact Alison Mandaville at before they submit the deferral request form)
  • Nursing, Social Work and Pre-Health (Students in these majors must contact Robert PageSmith at before they submit the deferral request form)
  • Accelerated Bachelors in Business Administration “ABBA” (Students in this program must contact Sal Rana at before they submit the deferral request form)

What term can students defer?

  • Students can request to defer their fall 2020 admission to spring 2021

Who can defer?

  • First-time freshman students (Must maintain their first-time freshman status when returning in spring 2021)
    • If a first-time freshman applicant decides to take courses at another college or university in fall 2020 while deferred, the deferral will be voided. The student must now meet the upper-division transfer requirements and reapply once those requirements are met for the next available term
  • Transfer students
  • Returning students in good standing
  • Disqualified returning students who show proof that they have cleared their conditions for admission


When can I submit a deferral request?

  • New incoming students (first-time freshman and transfer students) can request to have their admission deferred to spring 2021 if they have:
    • Accepted and registered for the free online Dog Days (new student orientation) by June 1, 2020
    • Attended Dog Days
    • Submitted the Admissions Deferral Request Form 
  • New first-time freshman applicants:
  •  New transfer applicants:

How will I know my deferral has been approved?

  • Admissions and Recruitment will send a notification about the outcome of your deferral request to your Fresno State email

Other Reminders

  • Your admission is only deferred until spring 2021.
  • New first-time freshman and transfer students who did not accept their admission, register and attend Dog Days will not be considered for a deferral.
  • Once your admission has been deferred, the decision will not be reversed.
  • If you take courses at another institution in fall 2020, you will be required to submit new official transcripts showing that you still meet the admissions requirements for Fresno State and your major.